Where it All Began
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Monday, March 19, 2018
By Rains Foto, LLC
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W H E R E   I T   A L L   B E G A N

By: Deidra Rains

 Over the past 16-years (yes, I have been in this industry for that long!), I have been asked numerous times why and how I got into photography. I am going to address some of the many reasons WHY I got into photography.


In high school, I grew a passion for photography because it was an outlet for me. It was where I found myself content and a place where I could use my creativity to define the things I wanted defined. It was a place I could control how I felt. It was a way of me shouting, without using words, that I was ready to take on the world. A world that I truly did not understand...yet. Photography was-and still is-a certain kind of therapeutic outlet for me.  Almost two decades later, I feel a stronger passion for photography than I did in high school, when I learned on my first camera; a 35mm film camera. Like a marriage and with time, you gain experience, more wisdom and more love for your passion. Much like, you do the love for your spouse (yes, I am talking about you Mr. Rains!). As equally important as my passion for photography, is the love and passion for taking pictures of my boys. My WHY today is slightly altered from my WHY in high school because of the love I have for my two, amazing little men. Photography is a way to document so many fleeting moments and cherishing memories. Nothing warms my heart more than documenting their lives. A such, documenting the lives of my clients gives me a sense of purpose that I can't describe. I just love it! A photograph can speak to your heart without using a spoken word. T H A T is what I live for. Everyday.


My first camera was a 35mm film camera. I remember spending my time in the darkroom developing negatives and prints. The digital revolution had just started to break out so it was not a household name just yet. Not too long after I learned and practiced film photography, I got my first digital camera (when I graduated College). A Canon Rebel (thanks dad!). The next year, I started my photography business (2007). I am fully self-taught, as UMKC did not offer many photography classes during my college years. Everything I know (this industry you will find is constantly changing!), I have learned through research, reading, lots of practice and a photography internship I did in college. That is my how and I am sticking to it! :) **Attached to this blog, you will find my VERY FIRST PIECES OF PHOTOGRAPHY work from my 35mm Canon camera...that I STILL own. I can't part with it. Never will.






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